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Cowboys begin free agency with a toe dip

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Maybe my expectations were a little high for the first day of free agency. Last year we made a mad dash into the cash and came away with some high-profile targets. This year? Not so much.

But let's have a little patience and see how this all plays out.

Kyle Kosier is an unknown quantity to me, so when I saw the numbers on the deal (5 year, $15 million deal that included a $5 million signing bonus), I was a little troubled. The Cowboys gave him starter's money meaning he's going to be lining up on the offensive line somewhere. Most people are saying left guard which means most people think Larry Allen has got to go. We'll know before April 2nd, when LA is due his bonus.

After doing some reading about Kosier, I felt a little better. He has started over 40 games in the NFL and a couple of reports I read said he had the interest of up to 8 teams for his services. I guess people around the NFL have a pretty good opinion of the guy, and Parcells must really like him to jump on him on the first day. So I'm going to have to go with trust on this one.

I did find this one newspaper quote from his days with the 49ers:

Kyle Kosier is packing his bags for Detroit. The 49ers' best offensive lineman last year will rejoin his former position coach, Pat Morris, with the Lions after the 49ers failed to match Detroit's one-year offer sheet for just less than $1 million.

Kosier played left tackle and right guard for the 49ers last season and won the Bobb McKittrick Award, given to the team's best lineman by a vote of his linemates.

Being the best lineman on some bad 49ers teams is like saying Sporty Spice was the best singer in the Spice Girls. Kind of a back-handed compliment don't you think? At least he was the best on their line and not the worst.

We brought C/G Andre Gurode back into the fold, which also leaves me with mixed emotions. Sure he knows the offense and is familiar with his linemates, but if he was going to blossom I thought it would happen by now. Still, not a bad deal that gives us more versatility on our line. Between Gurode and Kosier, they've got all the positions covered.

The biggest disappointment of the day had to be missing on kickers Matt Bryant and Ryan Longwell. With Joe Nedney also off the market, we must be planning to shoot the moon with either Vanderjagt or Vinateri, or else it could be another year of shaky kicking.

I was happy to see that we're taking a hard look at LB Akin Ayodele, the DMN went as far as to say we want to take him off the market ASAP. Good, get it done and brighten my day.

I also saw a rumor that Jason Fabini left Valley Ranch without a contract, creating more specualtion about who will be our new RT. There is no way they are going to leave it to a rookie again this year, they must have another target or Kosier is in their plans.

Today is a new day, and maybe the momentum will pick up. Everyday without a new kicker is another nervous day. So come on Jerry and Bill, take your foot off the brake, get it out of neutral, and gives us a thrill.