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Cowboys kicker options

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The DMN (sub. required) reminds us there actually a few more veteran kickers available, besides Vinatieri and Vanderjagt.

That leaves New England's Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis' Mike Vanderjagt, Minnesota's Paul Edinger, Atlanta's Todd Peterson and Seattle's Josh Brown, a restricted free agent.

Edinger has been contacted by Green Bay, another team hunting for a kicker. Dallas has had brief contact with Vanderjagt's agent.
Vanderjagt's agent, Gil Scott, said he spoke with the Cowboys Saturday, but a visit has not been planned. Vanderjagt's drawback is that he did not kick off for a dome team, and Parcells loathes wasting roster spaces on one-trick players. But Scott said Vanderjagt is capable of kicking off, and he has a better field goal percentage away from home (88 percent) than at home (86%).

The Boston Globe reports that the asking price for Vinatieri might be getting lower based on the Longwell signing.
Sources have indicated that the market for kicker Adam Vinatieri likely will be affected by the free agent contract signed by Ryan Longwell in Minnesota. Vinatieri was believed to be disappointed by the five-year, $10 million contract signed by Longwell, which included a $3 million signing bonus.

Longwell's deal, averaging $2 million per year, represents the top of the market for kickers. Vinatieri will command more money than that, but teams might be unlikely to jump too much higher over that figure.

So it may not cost as much as we thought to sign Vinatieri, and we still have a few fall back veteran kickers we can pursue. I'll feel a whole lot better once this kicking issue is resolved.

The Giants wanted to speak with LB Akin Adoyele but his agent, Mike Sullivan, said they are negotiating with Dallas at the moment, and wouldn't plan a trip to the Giants at this time.

The Eagles are considering trying to re-sign OT Jon Runyan but Runyan is on vacation until March 18 and has no visits scheduled with any NFL team.