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Why not Runyan for the Cowboys?

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The hole at RT is still there, taunting us. I really believed that Dallas was going to sign OT Jason Fabini over the weekend. Not that I particularly wanted him, but it just seemed like standard operating procedure for the Tuna.

Maybe Jon Runyan is the answer. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"I'm leaving the country," he said. "But my flight connects in Charlotte, so maybe people will be talking about me going" to the Carolina Panthers.

Runyan is going to be on vacation until Saturday and said he did not have any visits scheduled with other NFL teams.

"Make the offer first, and then I'll come visit," he said. "I'm not sure I'm going to make any visits."

As for the Eagles' decision not to make an offer before the start of free agency, Runyan admitted that he would have liked them to handle things differently, but he didn't expect it.

Either he doesn't really care about selling himself to get top dollar, or he's just confident he's going to get paid.