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Cowboys sign LB Akin Ayodele

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Yowza! The Cowboys make a signing, one that I wanted form the start. Ex-Jag LB Akin Ayodele is now a Cowboy.

Update [2006-3-13 16:45:56 by Grizz]: Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports Dallas Cowboys LB Akin Ayodele signed a five-year, $17 million contract that included a $5 million signing bonus to join the Cowboys (from That's not a bad price for a young starting LB. Nice going Bill and Jerry.

Update [2006-3-13 17:24:27 by Grizz]: Good thing we signed Ayodele because Scott Fujita signed with Sean Payton and the Saints.

(Hat tip to ezzi110 once again for posting this in the comments)

From the DMN:

The Cowboys agreed to a five-year deal Monday with linebacker Akin Ayodele, the second free agent to come to terms with Dallas since the market opened Saturday.


In 64 games with Jacksonville, Ayodele, 26, had 343 tackles and 8½ sacks with three interceptions, eight pass deflections and eight forced fumbles. He forced four fumbles in 2005, finishing with 72 tackles.