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A pretty good day for the Cowboys

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A nice job by the Cowboys today, so far in free agency it looks like they've signed 2 of the 3 guys they had targeted. Kyle Kosier was their #1 OL candidate and they snapped him up quick. I'm not sure he's worth the money he got, but he's young, experienced and other teams also wanted him, so maybe he'll shock us all. At least his versatility means that one injury like Flozell's last year shouldn't paralyze the whole line.

They also got their #1 LB target in former Jag Akin Ayodele. I couldn't agree more with this move. Ayodele is young (26), experienced and has tons of ability. He fills one of our biggest needs and also gives us some flexibility in what other LB's we bring in or draft. Plus, his contract was reasonable.

I'm starting to see a trend here that should warm BTB reader Deke's heart; young, experienced and versatile free agents who will be here for a while and are coming at acceptable prices.

We're all still waiting on a few positions, however. The one target it appears Jerry and Bill failed to land was Ryan Longwell, who they were pursuing by most accounts. But all will be forgiven if they can pull a Vinatieri out of the hat. There can't be much doubt we're after him, but Jerry might be reluctant to pull the tigger on the kind of money Adam will want. If that fails, Todd Peterson, Paul Edinger or Mike Vanderjagt better be on the way.

We're also waiting on a FS and a RT. Don't forget about FB Jerald Sowell either, I can still see Parcells picking him up.

And I would be remiss not to mention that a certain WR is supposed to be released by the Eagles tomorrow. And a certain owner has expressed interest in said receiver; and has said adding a WR was a priority. I guess it's all up to certain coach to make a decision.