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Cowboys random free agency blurbs

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There was talk of the Cowboys bringing in OT Mike Williams - who was a bust in Buffalo - for a visit later this week. That's not going to happen now as he signed with Jacksonville this morning. Story here.

Dan Campbell, our free agent ex-TE is drawing interest from the Raiders and the Dolphins.

Nick Eatman goes on record with the thinking that newly signed LB Akin Ayodele will be playing inside linebacker for Dallas.

A former defensive end at Purdue, Ayodele (6-2, 246) played outside linebacker in Jacksonville's 4-3 alignment, and became the first player in Jaguars history to record four consecutive 100-tackle seasons, including 150 in 2003. Ayodele had 8½ career sacks and eight forced fumbles.

But in the Cowboys' 3-4 scheme, Ayodele is expected to play one of the two inside linebacker positions, teaming up with Bradie James, who led the club in tackles last season with 109. (sub. required) is speculating that the Chiefs are making a serious run at T.O. and are prepared to offer a contract today.

According to sources close to the situation, the Kansas City Chiefs are now ready to offer a multi-year deal to Eagles' wide receiver Terrell Owens. Before, the Chiefs were only willing to offer a one-year deal with incentives.


Sources say that Chiefs are prepared to offer Owens a multi-year deal and will contact Rosenhaus regarding the new offer today.

Knowing Rosenhaus, it would not be surprising to see him turn right around and present that deal to the Cowboys and ask the question, "Can you do better?"