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Keyshawn Johnson released by Cowboys

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The Ticket just reported Keyshawn Johnson was released by the Dallas Cowboys.

Man, this really snuck up on me. I was sure the Tuna would keep Keyshawn. With KJ out of the way, what's Parcells' backup plan? It sure makes you think about T.O.

Let the games begin.

Update [2006-3-14 16:12:41 by Grizz]: From the DFW S-T:

Receiver Keyshawn Johnson has been released by the Cowboys, making him an unrestricted free agent. Johnson is a due $1 million roster bonus by 3 p.m. He was informed by owner Jerry Jones at about 2:30 p.m. of the team?s decision to not pay the bonus and release him. ?It?s a business,? Johnson said. ?I am thankful they brought me here. I feel good. I get a chance to be a free agent for the first time. If you want a receiver that is going to get it done. I am available.? Johnson, who will represent himself in free agency, said Jones told him that the Cowboys would consider re-signing him once he tested the market and determined his value. Johnson said he would give the Cowboys an opportunity to do so.