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Cowboys gamble with their future

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Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones better be crazy like a fox, and not just plain crazy. Coming off the disappointing 2005 campaign a conventional wisdom settled around this team. Just tweak a few of the major problem areas and make the team a contender in 2006.  The Cowboys were a competitive team last year, if the line had held up they could have made some noise.  So naturally the thought was get a RT, a K, some help at FS and LB and off we'd go.  That doesn't look like the plan Bill and Jerry are following.

The first clue was really no clue at all; the release of La'Roi Glover was expected. Still, he was respected veteran with a work-ethic, always a good thing to have in the clubhouse. We didn't know it then, but the make-up of this team was going to be altered, and we still don't know how significant that alteration is going to be.

If the Cowboys would've stopped with just the Glover release, then everything would've been going according to the "plan".  But they didn't; next out the door was Dan Campbell. Another hard working veteran who was a prime leader in the clubhouse. Now it's looking like they will send Larry Allen, the Cowboys starting guard since time began, out to pasture, unless he takes a big pay cut soon.

And today, Keyshawn Johnson. A "Parcells guy" if there ever was one. No one plays harder or wants to win more than Johnson. With KJ gone, the Cowboys are forced to get a big-time WR if they want to win this year. There's one name bigger than all the rest who just got released and who plays WR.

Some of those moves were smart, some were calculated risks, but the signing of T.O. would be a push-all-your-chips-into-the pot kind of gamble. It looks like Bill and Jerry are going "all in" this offseason.