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More fun with T.O.

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Some of you might be sick of hearing about T.O., but let's face it, he is the big story surrounding the Cowboys at the moment. So I'm doing my journalistic duties as a blogger to pass on speculation, unsubstantiated rumors, and just plain crazy talk.

So in that spirit I give you this report from some random guy. I have no idea who he is or his credibility level. I just thought it was interesting.

The question on everyone's mind this morning is who is going to end up with T.O. Hate him or love him, people are curious about where he is going to end up and how much money will he eventually get. The teams that we know are interested are the Dolphins, Chiefs, Cowboys and Broncos. There is another team which I have confirmed that has interest, but doesn't want it to become public and that is the New England Patriots. Drew Rosenhaus has had some discussions with the Patriots brass, nothing serious, but it has been discussed. Before you think this is crazy, I have two words for you, Corey Dillon. The Patriots are more than 20 million dollars under the cap and just lost David Givens and Andre Davis. Don't be shocked if they end up signing Owens, just remember you got the inside scoop here first.

Gary Myers seems to think that Parcells and T.O. might make a good match.

Bill Parcells, the old-school coach, and Terrell Owens, the ultimate it's-all-about-me player, together for a Super Bowl run in Dallas? Tuna and T.O. are the perfect short-term match.

Parcells needs firepower and has an opening at wideout after releasing Keyshawn Johnson before he was due a $1million roster bonus today. Owens, after finally getting cut by the Eagles before he was due a $5 million roster bonus today, needs a new locker room to divide.

Hilarious, the last line really cracked me up. Owens "needs a new locker room to divide". Too funny, except that it may be our locker room. So I guess in the end it's really not that funny, merely frightening.


Cowboys | Owens has not been scheduled for visit
Wed, 15 Mar 2006 09:21:16 -0800

Clarence E. Hill Jr., of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reports while it has been speculated that the Dallas Cowboys will attempt to sign free agent WR Terrell Owens (Eagles), there are no immediate plans to bring him in for a visit. According to his publicist, Owens was at home in Atlanta Tuesday, March 14, and was unaware of any travel plans to Dallas. Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did not take any phone calls from the media Tuesday.