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T.O. rumors, kicker rumors; let's just say generic Cowboys rumors.

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A TV station out in Lubbock, Texas posted a story earlier tonight that the Cowboys had signed T.O. and would announce it Monday.

It turned out to be bogus according to numerous sources. So if you want to sign T.O. put away the party hats because it hasn't happened yet. If you're dreading T.O., put away the party hats because there is still an even money chance it could happen.

I see that while I was away from the computer today, the debate about free agency philosophy that started this morning continued on into the afternoon/evening.

But here's one thing we all can agree on: Adam Archuleta should not be the highest paid safety in NFL history!


Don Pierson, of the Chicago Tribune, reports Washington Redskins S Adam Archuleta became the richest safety in NFL history when he received $10 million in guaranteed money from the Redskins.

OK, that is some ridiculous money being spent on free agency. The Randle El signing, too.

I like free agency, everybody knows that, and I want to be aggressive, but in no way would I ever endorse what the Redskins are doing.

The kicking derby is still on according to (sub. required)

Thursday afternoon, [Josh] Brown's agent, Robert Roche, confirmed with that Dallas has been in contact as recently as the past few days. "Yes, they (the Cowboys) contacted us earlier this week," he said.

Roche also said while the Cowboys have shown interest, they have not yet signed him to an offer sheet.

The article also says that we have interest in Todd Peterson, you know, as a last resort kind of thing. (sub. required) also states that we are looking hard at TE Ryan Hannam.

Seattle tight end Ryan Hannam just completed a visit to Miami, and is now expected to visit the Dallas Cowboys next, has learned.

The Cowboys are in search of a run-blocking tight end now that unrestricted free agent Dan Campbell signed a five-year contract with the Detriot Lions.

Sources tell that there is a good possibility of Hannam signing with Dallas.

Jaime Aron covers the Cowboys for AP and is one of my favorite beat writers for Dallas. He must've been on vacation lately, but he's back to cover, what else, the T.O. situation.

The opening paragraphs:

Jerry Jones is on vacation in the Caribbean. Bill Parcells is taking in spring training in Florida.
Rest up, guys. Because if the Dallas Cowboys take on the challenge of Terrell Owens, the team's 60-something bosses are going to need all the energy they can get.

Of course, Jones and Parcells probably don't see it that way.

The owner and coach have two of the biggest egos in football, fueled by a combined five Super Bowls victories. Each has been through his share of personality conflicts, having won enough to think they can tame T.O.