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Jay Glazer says T.O. rumor could be true

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Hat tip to one of the original BTB readers monkeymcgee for this one.

Maybe we owe that little TV station down in Lubbock, TX an apology. While Drew Rosenhaus is denying it, FOX Sports Jay Glazer reports that a source close to Owens acknowledged that T.O. and Dallas have reached agreement on a three-year deal.

From the Jay Glazer article:

Thursday night, Lubbock's KLBK-13 CBS TV reported that the Cowboys have struck a deal with Owens. But when contacted by about the report, agent Drew Rosenhaus vehemently denied that any such deal was finalized.

"I heard about the report too," Rosenhaus said. "Not true. Absolutely not true."

Despite Rosenhaus' denials however, a source close to Owens told that the receiver has in fact agreed to a three-year deal with the Cowboys -- a deal that likely won't be announced until the weekend in order for owner Jerry Jones to be available in Dallas to properly make the announcement.

And now the next 48 hours will tell who's telling the truth.

I don't know but this is starting to sound real. I guess I'm going to have to root for Terrell Owens now, even though he represents the element of professional sports I detest. But if he's coming here, I'll need to get fully behind it and pray this isn't the beginning of the end of the Parcells era. Nothing would be worse than the team imploding, having Parcells walk away, and face another rebuilding job.