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Cowboys sign OT Jason Fabini

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Finally, a new RT. I know some of you won't be happy with Fabini, but it was a must to me. We had to get an experienced RT.

From ESPN:

Cowboys ink Fabini to address O-line woes

The Cowboys made a second move to improve their offensive line by reaching a three-year, $6 million deal with former Jets left tackle Jason Fabini. Clauses in the contract could grow the deal to $7.5 million over the three years.

Fabini will be moved to right tackle with the Cowboys and fix one of the team's biggest problems last season. The Cowboys had right tackle problems starting in beginning of training camp. They ended up trying Torrin Tucker in the pre-season at right tackle and then went with rookie Rob Petitti for the regular season.

Fabini, a salary cap cut for the Jets, visited the Patriots and was in heavy negotiations with the Bucs but decided to go to the Cowboys. Earlier this week, Dallas added Kyle Kozier, who is expected to help out at guard, to a five-year, $15 million deal.

2006 FA (so far)

OG Kyle Kosier
LB Akin Ayodele
TE Ryan Hannam
OT Jason Fabini
WR Terrell Owens (very probable)
K ???