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Terrell Owens press conference review and Ticket interview

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Update [2006-3-18 17:13:13 by Grizz]: OK, here are the numbers of the Owens contract.

2006: $5 million signing bonus, $5 million base salary. So he's guaranteed $10 million in compensation this year, and costs just under $7 million in salary cap this year.

2007: $3 million roster bonus due in March 2007, and base salary of $5 million. So the Cowboys could elect to not renew the contract by not paying the bonus, and only owe the rest of the $5 million signing bonus that's pro-rated over the final two years. That's roughly a $3 million cap hit if they don't renew in 2007.

2008: Another $3 million roster bonus due in March 2008, and a base salary of $4 million.

So really, the Cowboys are only on the hook for a few million if they release Owens after 2006.

(end update)

The Dallas Cowboys gave WR Terrell Owens a three-year deal worth $25 million including a $5 million signing bonus and a $5 million base salary in 2006. So that equates to just short of a $7 million hit against the cap in 2006. 2007 is about $8 million in compensation but includes a roster bonus decision that allows the Cowboys an out after one year. If the Cowboys exit after 2006 it will only be around a $3 million hit against the cap in 2007.

The contract has no behavioral provisions in it other than what normal contracts contain.

Jerry Jones enphasized that Bill Parcells was fully  behind the decision and was in on every step along the way. He acknowledged that it was a risk - even though he tried to back-track later - and that he knew it would be scrutinized.

Jones also tried to sell the fans on Owens' work ethic and practice routine.

Terrell said that he's elated to be here, that he's learned from his past and would be a better teammate and better person.

Owens addressed the "star incident" by saying he meant no disrespect, he's just competitive and that he will now "embrace the star".

He's only talked to Parcells by phone so far but looks forward to the relationship.

On why he came to Dallas he said "its America's Team, now I'm a star among stars".

Drew Rosenhaus added his own comic relief to the scene. He called it a match made in heaven, told us seven other teams were seriously pursuing T.O., and that on the plane ride J.J. and T.O. developed a bond that was moving, that they fell in love on the plane.

Terrell later went on the Ticket and said the same thing but added he hoped that a relationship is kindled with the fans after they see him play. He hopes the "love will grow". He then echoed Rosenhaus by saying he and J.J. had bonded on the plane, that he "felt the love" from Jerry.

Make of it what you will but here were my conclusions:

  1. The deal is actually not that bad as long as they get one good year out of Terrell.
  2. Jerry Jones loves Terrell, and right now, Terrell loves Jerry Jones.
  3. Nothing form the press conference would lead anyone to believe that Owens is a changed man.
  4. This could be the most interesting season the Cowboys ever had.