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Cowboys players discuss T.O.

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Usually when we have a big signing I'll post some article links here for eveybody to read. But today there were so many articles written about the signing of Terrell Owens, I just couldn't slog through them for you.

So, if you want to read Owens aritcles, just go to the DMN, the DFW S-T, ESPN, Yahoo, or any other news source and get a belly full of Owens' analysis.

But what are the Cowboys players saying about Owens? After all, they're the ones who will have to deal with him on a regular basis. It's all positive so far from the players, but then did you expect anything else? They are just like us, trying to give Owens the benefit of the doubt. We should archive these and see how they compare to what people will be saying about Owens once we're in the 2006 season.

Anyway, grabbed from a variety of articles, here are some quotes.

Drew Bledsoe:

"The only things I know firsthand come from a couple of friends who played with him, and they really liked him as a teammate," said Bledsoe, who declined to name the friends. "Personally, I put more weight on that than the rest of the stuff that has been so well-documented."

"As far as I am concerned, it's a clean slate," Bledsoe said. "If I talk to somebody that had a negative relationship with the guy, I don't see the benefit for me personally, or my team."

"I am excited," Bledsoe said. "I think we got better as a team. I became a better quarterback without doing anything. I am excited about the signing of Terrell Owens."

"We got better," Bledsoe said. "We got a guy who is extremely explosive. It allows our offense to be more explosive. Terry Glenn will benefit. Witten will benefit and Julius Jones will benefit."

"I think it's going to allow us to put more points on the board," Bledsoe said, "and when you do that, you've got a much better chance of accomplishing the ultimate goal."

Jason Witten:

"It's not only what he does with the ball in his hands, but when it's not in his hands, teams still have to worry about him all the time," said Witten, who has gone to the last two Pro Bowls. "I think it's going to open everything up for everybody."

Bradie James:

"I know there are some off-the-field issues with T.O.," linebacker Bradie James said. "Things happen in the locker room all the time. It's about us keeping it under wraps and making sure it doesn't mess up our camaraderie.
I think T.O. definitely knows he has a better chance here, and he's not going to mess it up."

ex-player Michael Irvin:

"In order for the Cowboys to get where they want to get, they need a No. 1 receiver," Irvin said. "Do you know what Terry Glenn can do with one-on-one coverage? Julius Jones can become the back he was supposed to become when they drafted him. It's a great move for Dallas. It puts them in the Super Bowl."