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The "other" Cowboys free agents

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I admit that I'm suffering from T.O. fatigue. So let's look back on the Cowboys free agency class so far, without discussing our newest and most controversial acquisition. Here's my capsule look at the new Cowboys.

OG Kyle Kosier - 5-year, $15 million including $5 million bonus

Kosier's contract was a big raise for the kid and the Cowboys probably slightly overpaid for him, but they also can save some money by releasing Larry Allen. Turns out a few different teams were looking to land him which drove the price up. Kosier is young but very experienced, and his versatility is another positive benefit. He's probably never going to be a star, his physical gifts are limited, but he may become a steady performer in the middle of the line for years to come.

LB Akin Ayodele - 5-year, $17 million including $5 million bonus

Ayodele has the physical gifts to be a very good LB, his career in Jax was solid. He's also young and will be versatile enough to man the inside or outside LB spot, most likely starting training camp on the inside. But so far, whether it was the supposed bias against him by head coach Jack Del Rio, or whether he's truly more suited for the 3-4 defense, Ayodele has only shown flashes of excellence, but hasn't consistently performed at that level. We'll see if the Cowboys can help him take that next step.

TE Ryan Hannam - 4-year, $5 million including $1.25 million bonus

Truth time: I didn't know a single thing about this kid other than he played for the Seahawks and was noted for his blocking ability. Well, I also know that he's young and that his contract numbers are easy on the eyes, so to me, this was a good signing.

OT Jason Fabini - 3-year, $4.5 million with incentives up to $7.5 million, $1.75 million bonus

The Cowboys had to do this deal. RT was just too big of a problem to ignore so they went out and got a short-term solution in Parcells favorite Jason Fabini. Breaking away from the trend of young free agents with potential upside, the Cowboys just wanted someone they could trust, and Parcells trusts Fabini. Of course his age and health are a concern but the Cowboys got a pretty a good deal. They didn't over-extend themselves to get Fabini.

Not a bad free agency haul if the Cowboys sign a kicker sometime soon. They filled most of the needs, even the ones they created by releasing Keyshawn and not re-signing Dan Campbell. Besides kicker, help is needed at FS and OLB, that might be left to the draft or the Cowboys could still be active in the free agency market.

The Cowboys free agency philosophy was to get younger (mostly) and to do it very economically. They've accomplished that. How it plays out on the field is the reason we watch the games. How the Terrell Owens situation plays out off the field is the reason people watch car wrecks.