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The first cut is the deepest

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Check out some of the high-profile (and aging) veteran names that are already being cut. If they don't get the labor deal done, go out and get some popcorn and soda, sit back and watch, because it will be a day like we 've never seen in the NFL.

Broncos - $15 million:

The Broncos released three starters -- defensive end Trevor Pryce, running back Mike Anderson and tight end Jeb Putzier.

Panthers - $4.64 million:

Released running back Stephen Davis, running back Rod Smart and defensive tackle Brentson Buckner.

Bills - $9.1 million cuts

Cut defensive tackle Sam Adams, safety Lawyer Milloy and tight end Mark Campbell. Wide receiver Eric Moulds' fate is still unknown

Dolphins - $14.4 million

Relased four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Sam Madison, cornerback Reggie Howard, safety Tebucky Jones and offensive tackle Damion McIntosh.