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Owners vote unanimously to not accept CBA offer

(Hat tip to Deke for pointing this out in the comments)

The NFL owners met this morning for about an hour and voted unanimously to reject the offer on the table from the NFLPA. It looks more real than ever that NFL chaos is about to start. Only one thing left can get a CBA deal done, and that's Gene Upshaw coming off of his 60% figure for the players share of the revenue.

From the ESPN article.

NFL owners voted unanimously Thursday to break off talks with the players' union on a contract extension, leaving the current salary cap in place with the start of free agency looming and possibly forcing the mass dumping of veterans.

The owners, who met for 57 minutes Thursday morning, endorsed a recommendation by their management council executive committee to reject the union's latest proposal.

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue said the financial demands made by the players were unacceptable.

"We are indeed deadlocked," Tagliabue said.