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Cowboys to cut La'Roi Glover

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The DFW S-T is reporting that the Cowboys are going to cut NT La'Roi Glover in a move to save $6 million on the cap. Not a big surprise, I've been predicting it on this blog since the season ended. But in this case, I hate to be right because I have a lot of respect for La'Roi Glover who's been a class act in Dallas.

Also from the article:

The Cowboys are expected to make more moves later today while trying to shape their salary cup for the 2006 season in the wake of stalled labor talks between the league and players union. This season's salary cap hasn't been set, but is expected to be around $93 million.

According to a source, the Cowboys will also release kicker Brett Visintainer, lineman Willie Blade, and safety Derek Pagel.