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NFL delays free agency

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ESPN News is reporting that the owners and players have agreed to a 3-day delay for free agency. Chris Mortenson said that negotiations are going to start again between the owners and the players on the CBA. Both sides agreed to delay free agency to resume the negotiations. The cut-down deadline has been extended to Sunday night. I thought it was awful quiet on the "Bloody Thursday" front, it turns out that no mass purges of rosters have occurred because there is still a chance to get the deal done. Hold on through the weekend, it ain't over yet.

Update [2006-3-2 17:28:43 by Grizz]: The cut-down deadline to get under the salary cap has been moved to Sunday, March 5th at 6 P.M. EST. The new league year and hence free agency will begin at 12:01 A.M. EST on Monday, March 6th.