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Go and read this article about the Cowboys offseason program. Todd Archer gives you insight into what goes on until we get to training camp in late July.

According to

*    The Denver Broncos offered Terrell Owens a one-year contract that was heavily based on incentives. The amount of the contract and the guaranteed money fell way short of what the Cowboys offered.

*    Julian Peterson is still available and many have speculated as to the Cowboys' interest. I wrote something about that a few days ago. Well the word is that Peterson wants top-money - somewhere around $18 - $20 million in guaranteed money. No one's going to give him that much money so unless he lowers his demands you can end speculation about the Cowboys signing him.

*    Peterson is scheduled to visit the Dolphins and he's visited with the Seahawks who see him as Plan B if the Jets trade John Abraham to Atlanta instead Seattle.

Found this article about Terrell Owens that contains some quotes from his former Philly teammate, N.D. Kalu. The quotes weren't exactly what I expected so it made for an interesting read.

From the article:

The truth about Owens, according to N.D Kalu, is he's "the hardest-working guy in the NFL" and was liked by the vast majority of his Philadelphia teammates.
"Ninety percent of the people in the locker room enjoyed having him there," Kalu, a defensive end, said Sunday. "He never rubbed me the wrong way."


"I don't think it was as bad as people made it seem," Kalu said. "If you had a common interest, like dominoes, he was very friendly. I don't think you could find a receiver on the Eagles who would say a bad thing about him."

But Kalu said it wouldn't be wise for Owens' new teammates to expect him to be their friend right away.

"He's just one of those people who needs space," Kalu said. "You don't try to get to know him the first day you meet. I don't think I said a word to him the first three or four months after he came to Philadelphia (in 2004). But then he sat down at the dominoes table one day, and we started talking."

Kalu said he was in "awe" of Owens' work ethic.
"He is 100 percent dedicated to football," Kalu said. "The way he treats his body is incredible. On the hardest practice days, he would be out there with five-pound weights on his leg running routes."