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T.O. steps to the mic

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OK, he's only been a Cowboy for a few days but Terrell Owens already has a rap song in the can for our enjoyment. He and a friend rap about his greatness, winning a Super Bowl in Big D, and take some shots at Philly.

Click here to go to Owens' web site and listen to the song. If that's not your thing, I've done a very rough translation of the lyrics below which I'm sure contains numerous errors.

(Friend of T.O.)
I'm gonna make it hard for you dudes try to stop my show
Look it's hard for you dudes trying to stop my bro
Ask Philly was it hard trying to stop T.O.?
He the main reason that the fans would come fo'

When he took that hit and bounced right back
Gotta brand new deal and his pocket's fat
Like (somebody's name) asking `Where you at'
You can tell `em your in Dallas with your Cowboy's hat

Go Big Blue, go on do what you do
Going to have the city going crazy, fans going to love you
Like Ray Charles you going to make it `do what it do'
Still  the best in the game and you know that it's true

Take the team to the top where it used to be
I can see another trophy up in Big D
You going to set a few records, be back in the Pro Bowl
One week after winning the Super Bowl


(I'm back) and I'm better than ever
(I'm back) and I'm getting this cheddar
(I'm back) but this time I'm a Cowboy
(I'm back) and I gotta say a wow boy


I am back with a vengeance, I'm back on a mission
Got the recipe (???) so I'm back in the kitchen
Try to take me out of the game, people say intermission
Got the whole world's undivided attention

It's a brand new year, got a brand new team
I'm a Cowboy now, no more black and green
And to the haters who said I wouldn't get my money
I'm laughing in your face, ha ha, that's funny

And when comes to this game I'm the best on the field
Some said I would sign just a one-year deal
Well I got what I wanted, up front, 10 mil
Changed the rules of the game, so now how you feel?

When I work my magic when I catch that rock
I dominate like Shaq when he's down on the block
And this will probably be my best season by far
No more 'get my Eagle on', meet me at the star


Well, there you have it. I give it a 77 out of 100, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.