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Cowboys rumors and TO. responses

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Update [2006-3-20 17:8:58 by Grizz]: Galloway and Co. just said that Terrell Owens is writing a book for Simon and Schuster that is due out in July. The title of the book? "Ineligible Receiver: The real story of my journey from the Super Bowl to the sidelines", or something like that. It's supposed to be a hatchet job on the Eagles.

I thought all of that stuff was in the past and we didn't want to talk about it. Is Owens reversing field already? Let me tell you now, this book will be nothing but trouble, especially if it's released right before training camp.

I read somewhere, but I can't find the source now, that the Cowboys have planned meeetings with draft prospects LB Bobby Carpenter and DE/LB Manny Lawson.

The rumor is also floating out there that if the Seahawks match the Steve Hutchinson offer sheet from the Vikings, and trade for John Abraham, they may have trouble matching a decent offer for K Josh Brown. The Cowboys may be waiting to see how this all shakes out.

Another rumor concerns Miami K Olindo Mare. The Dolphins are supposedly going to ask him to take a large pay-cut. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is not keen on the idea and may steer Mare to the free agent market where he could land in Dallas.

Keep in mind that all of this stuff is just speculation at this point.

Drew Pearson was definitley in the 'no to T.O.' column as shown by these comments.

"There are certain people that you knew would never ever be in a Cowboy uniform because they didn't represent what the players represented, in other words what the coaching staff, the organization, was looking for. And there used to be a lot of pride in who wore that star on the helmet. Yes, it upsets me."

On the other hand, Emmitt Smith is firmly behind the Owens' signing, he made that clear on the Dan Patrick Radio Show.

Peter King says the deal is OK for Dallas and passed on this nugget about the deal.

I had one coach who was in the Owens derby tell me a couple of weeks ago, "I think Terrell could have the best season of any offensive player in football.''

He then passed this along from former Parcells Guy Phil Simms.

Said Simms: "When I talk about football players, real football players, I don't know a single real football player who didn't like to play for Bill Parcells and who didn't have a lot of respect for him. Now we're going to find out if T.O.'s a real football player. If he doesn't get along with Bill, there'll be no doubt about it anymore. We'll all know the truth.''