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Cowboys get a piece of the Rock(y)

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We have a new LB named Rocky Boiman, but besides having a pretty cool name I don't know much about this kid. Sounds like we signed him for a backup position and to help on special teams. Nick Eatman fills us in on a few details in this article.

...acquiring Tennessee Titans unrestricted linebacker Rocky Boiman with a three-year deal that included a $1 million signing bonus. With playing incentives, Boiman's deal can be as much as $5 million over the three years.

Boiman is expected to play both inside and outside linebacker for the Cowboys, most likely as a backup. But upgrading special teams and adding depth at the linebacker position has been a top priority, considering the Cowboys placed five linebackers on injured reserve last season, including starters Dat Nguyen and Al Singleton in mid-season.

Welcome aboard, Rocky.

Eatman also talks about where we go from here.

The Cowboys still have not addressed kicker and free safety, although it's unlikely the Cowboys will fill their safety needs through free agency. Players such as Adam Archuleta (Washington), Corey Chavous (St. Louis), Will Demps (the Giants) and Chris Hope (Tennessee) all received contracts out of the Cowboys' price range.

So if the Cowboys are indeed looking to upgrade at free safety, it will have to happen in the draft.

Sounds about right. We're still on the lookout for a kicker, but outside of that, I'm not sure we'll be doing much more on the free agency front. But we do still have three more exclusive free agents to deal with: fullback Lousaka Polite, deep snapper L.P. Ladouceur and safety Willie Pile. So keep an eye on Polite, if we don't do anything soon there, we may be looking at signing FB Jerald Sowell.

The circus is in town according to the DMN:

Last month, Banyan Productions, the producers of TLC's Trading Spaces, said it was putting together a reality television series with [Terrell] Owens. Banyan Productions said several networks are in talks to air the untitled and unsold show, but it will combine Owens' "passion for working out," among other things and "no subject will be off limits," with guests from sports, entertainment and political worlds.

Add in the book deal and the rap song, and you can't be encouraged by how this is starting out.

Dear Bill Parcells, quit playing footsie with Tony LaRussa, get back to Valley Ranch, and save us.

On the flip side, business is good.

Since Owens signed a three-year deal worth $25 million Saturday, the Cowboys' ticket office received much more business than most March weekends, and from the time Owens signed through noon Monday, the Cowboys report that they had sold 1,500 Owens jerseys online, the highest sales for an item since the team started selling merchandise online in 1997.

Paul Tagliabue is retiring. Too bad, Tags has done a fantastic job of making the NFL the number one sports league. His final chapter was a good one; he helped to save the labor deal with the assist from a few owners.