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Free agency winners include Cowboys

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According to Don Banks at the Cowboys came up winners in free agency. Now, the general take on predicitng how well a team does in free agency is only slightly better than predicting how well they do in the draft. Which means it has very little credibility.

Still, I know I feel better when the Cowboys end up on the winners side of the ledger instead of the losers side.

3. Dallas: One lone big addition is responsible for the Cowboys making our winners list, and here's a hint: His name includes a T and an O. Terrell Owens might not be the Cowboys' ticket to the Super Bowl like he was for Philly, but how often do you get the chance to ramp up a mediocre receiving corps with one of the game's top three playmakers?

Owens will threaten the defense throughout a game and make opposing teams game-plan for him. The Cowboys haven't had a player like that on offense since The Triplets were in their glory days. If Owens has the good sense to stay between the margins in terms of his behavior, Dallas will have the most impactful signing of the 2006 free-agency season.

The Cowboys also landed a decent linebacker in Jacksonville's Akin Ayodele and prepared for the possible release of Larry Allen by re-signing guard Andre Gurode, adding Jets tackle Jason Fabini and picking up Lions guard-tackle Kyle Kosier.