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Cowboys cut Larry Allen

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I knew it was coming, and I thought it was the right move. Still, it's not a pleasant day when your team has to cut a player that has been among the best in the league for so long. Larry Allen in his prime was as good as it gets. He was physically one of the strongest players to play the game, if he got his hands on you it was over. Pancake breakfast, baby, you were going down.

Allen was so good, that not only was he the top guard in the NFL, but he took over at left tackle for a year and still went to the Pro Bowl.

The media shy Allen will have to step up to the mic in Canton one day, that speech will probably last around three minutes. Allen always let his play on the field speak for him.

The economics of today's NFL makes this move necessary, it saves the Cowboys around $3.55 million on the salary cap. Honestly, Allen's play had slipped over the last few years, and his $7 million cap number couldn't be ignored.

Maybe they will try to re-sign him at a lower cost or he might just decide to move on to another team. Whatever he does, the Cowboys franchise was fortunate to have him for the past 12 years.

Jerry Jones:

"This decision is a tough one for me personally," said Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones. "Larry has been the best in pro football for a long time. His ability and performance set a standard for excellence at his position in the NFL for many years, and we are grateful for his contributions to the Dallas Cowboys."