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Larry Allen obits

Both the DMN and DFW S-T have written Cowboys obituaries for the great Larry Allen.

DMN article here.

DFW S-T article here.

JJT at the DMN takes a closer look at the new offensive line (sub. required) and wonders if it will be up to the task.

If everything works out in the Cowboys' favor, then the line will be much improved and have strong leadership in Adams, Rivera and Fabini. If it doesn't work out, the Cowboys are likely to have the same types of struggles they did last year.

He lays the blame of last year's failure in the same place every one has, the tackle positions.

At times, Dallas couldn't run or pass because of inadequacies on the offensive line, especially at tackle, where Rob Petitti and Torrin Tucker finished the season 1-2 in the league in sacks allowed with 13.5 and 12.5.

That's a stat for the ages, 1 and 2 in sacks allowed. His mini-eval of Larry Allen reveals what most people already observed. In straight-ahead blocking plays, Larry Allen was good; getting out on the perimeter or the second-level, Allen was failing.

Although Allen struggled to make blocks on the perimeter, he was still good at pass protection. Rarely did he allow defenders to crash the middle of the Cowboys' offensive line. He allowed just 2.5 sacks last season. says the Lions might be interested in signing Allen.

Lions | Team could make a run at L. Allen

Steve Pate, of The Daily Oakland Press, reports the Detroit Lions could attempt to sign free agent OL Larry Allen (Cowboys). The Lions had made a run at acquiring Allen before he decided to remain with the Cowboys in 2004. Allen could be someone the Lions would consider to help out at the guard position.