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Cowboys close to signing Vanderjagt

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As Deke pointed out a while ago in the comments, Nick Eatman thinks we're close to a deal with Vanderjagt.

From the article:

While no deal had been officially struck by early Wednesday evening, the two sides appeared to be closing in on an agreement that could be signed as early as Thursday.

Sign him, because the alternatives are too risky. Eatman confirms my theory about Seattle, that if they let Hutchinson go they would have the money to match any deal the Cowboys offered. And those Olindo Mare rumors? Eatman has a very logical answer to that.

The Cowboys also were contemplating signing Seattle restricted free agent Josh Brown to an offer sheet, but since the Seahawks decided not to match the transition offer sheet guard Steve Hutchinson signed with Minnesota, they have enough cap space to match any legitimate offer the Cowboys might make for the three-year veteran kicker.

The Cowboys also have been keeping a close eye on the Olindo Mare situation down in Miami. Reports suggest the Dolphins might release their veteran kicker, who is scheduled to earn a $1.4 million base salary. Mare not only has one of the league's strongest legs, but would immediately give the Cowboys a boost on his kickoffs, recording 16 touchbacks last season alone.

But with the veteran kickers disappearing from the free agent market, the Dolphins must be asking themselves just who would kick for them if they let Mare go.

Don't wait, just get it done.

A few Cowboys blurbs from

Cowboys | Team to play preseason game in Shreveport reports the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys will play a preseason game in Shreveport. La. Monday, Aug. 21. The Monday night game will be televised on ESPN. A news conference to announce the game will be held Thursday, March 23, at Independence Stadium, the site of the game.

Panthers | Team will visit with K. Johnson
Pat Yasinskas, of the Charlotte Observer, reports the Carolina Panthers are in the process of setting up a visit with free agent WR Keyshawn Johnson (Cowboys). The visit by Johnson to meet with team officials in Charlotte could take place in the next few days.

Cowboys | Training camp heading back to San Antonio?
Nick Eatman, of, reports according to reports, the Dallas Cowboys have had discussions with San Antonio city officials about a possible return to Texas for training camp. The Cowboys spent two years training in the Alamodome in San Antonio from 2002-03. They have been training in Oxnard, Calif., but that contract expires after this summer.