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Saw this blurb on yesterday:

Cowboys| Petitti gets over $271,000 in performance pay

Todd Archer, of the Dallas Morning News, reports Dallas Cowboys OT Rob Petitti was given $271,287 as part of the league's Performance Based Pay system. He was one of only two Cowboys to play in every offensive snap in the 2005 season.

As bad as Petitti performed, and 13.5 sacks is really bad, he played better than Torrin Tucker. It took Petitti all 16 games to amass those 13.5 sacks. It only took Tucker 10 games to reach 12.5 sacks. Thank heavens our tackles this year will be Adams and Fabini, not Tucker and Petitti.

Oh yeah, Terry Glenn wants a raise, but he's not going to be a jerk about it.

Cowboys | Glenn would like a raise

Clarence E. Hill Jr., of the Star-Telegram, reports Dallas Cowboys WR Terry Glenn and agent James Gould visited with the Cowboys Wednesday, March 22, about doing something with his contract. He is expected to get $2.25 million in 2006 and $2.5 million in 2007. Glenn said he is not making any contract demands and has no plans to hold out, but he would like for them to consider giving him a raise.