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Are the Cowboys done?

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Is free agency over for the Cowboys now? The signing of Mike Vanderjagt somehow feels like the last major move. Maybe it's because we all know what a tight-wad Jerry Jones is about kickers, so he probably kept putting off this move until he couldn't avoid it anymore. Bill Parcells probably threatened to bench Terrell Owens unless Jerry coughed up the dough; or maybe he told Jerry that Tony LaRussa offered him the bullpen coach position and he was thinking of taking it if Scott Suisham was still our kicker.

But there is one name still out there that I haven't heard diddly-squat about. Whatever happened to FB Jerald Sowell? His name never shows up on any rumor lists or on KFFL, where eventually everybody shows up, even Torrin Tucker. I'm putting out an APB on Jerald Sowell, any of you guys seen him around?

Do we still have another free agency signing in us?  What's your guys call? Who else you got on the radar that we could still sign?