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Cowboys give Terry Glenn a new contract and a raise

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You guys beat me to the punch in the comments section. Per DMN, Terry Glenn was inked to a new 5-year deal. Congrats to Glenn and good move by the Cowboys, we know Glenn is going to be a happy camper now. Hopefully, we'll have two happy receivers who are both getting paid. Glenn and Eldorado could make for an awesome 1-2 puch.

Less than two weeks after signing Terrell Owens to a three-year contract worth $25 million, the Cowboys have given Terry Glenn a contract for five years, totaling $20 million.

Glenn was scheduled to make $2 million this season and his contract was set to expire in 2007. The team ripped up the final two years of that deal in favor of the new contract.

BTW, it's great that you guys don't wait for me to post this stuff . I noticed a couple of readers (Deke, lee3022) posted this info in the comments. That's what can make this site even better, by everyone posting Cowboys news as they find it. If everyone pitches in, the latest news will always be up on Blogging The Boys.