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Terry Glenn ready to get started

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Mickey Spags brings us some interesting tidbits on, including this quote from Terry Glenn about his extension.

"I'm excited about it," Glenn said Monday afternoon at Valley Ranch. "I wanted to be here. I'm ready to make this (Super Bowl) run and get started."

Glenn tied for the league lead with an average of 18.3 yards per catch. That's one sweet average. By comparison, Owens averaged 16.2 yards. As BTB regular Terry always reminds us, with teams now doubling Owens, Terry Glenn has the chance to put together a spectacular year - if our line can block for Bledsoe.

Update [2006-3-28 0:4:7 by Grizz]: AdamJT13 over at the says this about TG's contract:

Glenn got a $2 million signing bonus. He has a $5 million roster bonus due next season (which could be guaranteed and prorated through renegotiation) and a $1 million roster bonus due in 2010. The net effect on our cap this season is minimal, pending possible incentives (he did have incentives that might have been deleted). The only new charge is his $400,000 bonus proration. If his incentives have been deleted, his contract extension will cost us only $250,000 more against the cap.
A $5 million bonus due next year? To me, that says were rolling the dice on this year, and if it goes wrong, we can cut ties with TG or TO. Sorry, Terry, but Dallas will have a big choice to make next year on TG. At least the bonus can be renegotiated into a signing bonus and prorated if both parties agree.

Here's his base salaries:
2006 2,000,000
2007 820,000
2008 1,740,000
2009 2,000,000
2010 4,950,000

Based on that he'll never see year 2010 with the Cowboys.


Speaking of Owens...

Touchdown celebrations shall be confined to the end zone, and no longer will props or the ball being used as a prop in celebration be tolerated. So that means no grabbing of pompons, no Sharpie signings, no cell-phone calls.

"In-your-face stuff will not be accepted," said the committee's co-chairman Jeff Fisher, Tennessee head coach.

Spiking the ball, spinning the ball or dunking the ball over the crossbar still will be acceptable. But no more snow angels, putting a diaper on the ball or any other antics outside the end zone will be tolerated.

Officials have been told to strictly enforce these guidelines, including any celebrations outside the end zone or group theatrics. Such violations will result in 15-yard personal foul penalties.

In a weird way I think this is a good thing for Owens, now he has an excuse not to act out after scoring. Once he started doing these silly TD celebrations, it fed on itself and he always had to top the last one, he needed ESPN to show it and giggle about it. But now, he's not just promoting himself but he's hurting the team. Parcells will tolerate about one 15-yard penalty before he sits someone on the bench. Owens can be an idiot, but he desperately wants to win, and giving up 15-yards on a kickoff is not conducive to winning.  

Finally, from the article:

Cowboys new kicker Mike Vanderjagt finished sixth in league scoring among kickers with 121 points, connecting on 23 of 25 field-goal attempts along with all 52 extra-point attempts. Believe it or not, the Cowboys' 2006 points leader was none other than Jose Cortez, with all of 49, one point more than Glenn, who finished with eight touchdowns to lead the team.

I'm speechless.