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Cowboys random blurbs

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As expected, the Cowboys didn't recieve any compensatory draft picks from last year's free agency. We signed Henry, Ferguson, et al, but we didn't lose any unrestricted free agents.

The Cowboys need to get to work on extending the contracts of three key players who are heading into free agency after this year. Roy Williams, Jason Witten and Bradie James all need to be locked up by the Cowboys. By staying so far under the salary cap this year, Jerry Jones should have the room needed to make this happen. Come on Jerry, get it done.

The RanchReport (sub. required) says Terrell Owens is not in Dallas yet. They give the following explanation:

From what we understand, T.O. was excused from the strength-and-conditioning work because of a commitment to appear at some sort of deposition in L.A.

No, he's not in any sort of trouble with the law. Nor is he in any sort of trouble with the Cowboys.

I have no idea what that's all about, but I'm sure the press in Dallas is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Owens.