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2006 Cowboys; reality show extraordinaire

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I'll tell you what, if you enjoy a heavy dose of excitement mixed with uncertainty, the 2006 Dallas Cowboys are for you. This season reminds me of a motocycle daredevil jumping 20 buses that are on fire. If the Cowboys make it, it's all good and the public will be much entertained; if they crash, it will be a spectacular crash and the public will be much entertained. Either way the Cowboys go, all eyes will be watching them. Somehow the thought of Terrell Owens standing at mid-field, doing his best Russell Crowe from Gladiator imitation and screaming "Are you not entertained?" keeps creeping into my mind.

Three of the biggest egos on the planet now work at Valley Ranch. All three have personality quirks that should mix with each other like gasoline and a Bic lighter. On paper, the Cowboys now have a team that could contend for the big prize. In reality, they could contend for the big prize or they could contend for the Barnum & Bailey audience. They might be able to do both at once. Will Terrell Owens behave? How will Bill deal with him? Will he become a wedge between Jerry and Bill? How will Bledsoe and Owens interact? I could string questions like this together for paragraphs.

But that's the point. The 2006 Cowboys are one of the teams that people are going to watch just to see if they make the jump or crash into those flaming buses. For us hardcore Cowboy fans, it's always about wins and losses, and this season is no different. But I have to admit, the prospect of a Jerry Springer show busting out in the middle of the season makes it all the more interesting. It's not that I want to see a sideline confrontation between Owens and Parcells, I don't; but just the thought of it and how it would play out fires the imagination. If two enourmous egos are battling it out while working for a third huge ego, the endings are limitless. Here's hoping it doesn't occur.

This isn't the way I would've gone with the franchise, but then again, no one asked my opinion. Terrell Owens is here, and so are Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones. The reality show has been cast. MTV's The Real World couldn't have done a better job of putting together personalities that are just begging for conflict. Whether we fly high or crash, the sporting world will be watching.

Are you not entertained?