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Cowboys preseason opponents revealed

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Mickey Spags is producing some good stuff lately, including this article. He's got the goods on who we play in the preseason.

The Cowboys will open the preseason schedule the first week at Seattle and then play the already publicized Monday night game Aug. 21 against the New Orleans Saints in Shreveport, La., a game that will be televised nationally by ESPN.

Then the Cowboys will play the final two games at home, facing San Francisco and Minnesota at Texas Stadium. The Cowboys have last played Minnesota in a preseason game in 1994 and San Francisco in 1987 when they still were training in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

There's other good stuff in the article but this was the most interesting piece.
Well, if [Vanderjagt's] short kick offs are a big thing to Dungy, count on them being a really big thing for Parcells, who is the ultimate stickler for field position following kickoffs. That likely means the Cowboys will be in the market for a young guy (i.e. minimum-wage rookie if possible) to handle kickoffs this year.

Jones said the Cowboys did sign Vanderjagt with the idea of possibly having to also hire a kick-off guy. But the Cowboys owner did say Vanderjagt thinks he can handle the kick offs, and that the club will monitor his progress before making a decision to find a young, inexpensive kick-off guy. Vanderjagt last kicked off fulltime during the 2003 season.

"The decision was made (to sign Vanderjagt) with the idea of having a specialist kicking off," Jones said. "We hope to train a young guy. Now I don't have my man around, Steve (Hoffman, the team's former kicking coach) around, but he may be around one day again, and that's not tampering."

"Steve was the one who advised me this was not the year to have a young kicker."

So Hoffman might be coming back. Why? Well check out this article from from last summer.
Whether it's because he is headed into the last year of his contract or because the Colts invested a sixth-round pick in another kicker, Indianapolis kicker Mike Vanderjagt has taken the unusual step this offseason of hiring his own kicking coach. And not just any kicking coach. Vanderjagt hired former Dallas Cowboys kicking coach Steve Hoffman, who has helped develop so many unproven NFL kickers over the years. In recent weeks, Vanderjagt has been working with Hoffman in Dallas, trying to improve his performance. It's a big year for Vanderjagt. As it is, he is scheduled to count $2.87 million against the Colts salary cap. After this season, he is scheduled to become a free agent.

So who's going to pay Hoffman's bill, Jerry or Vanderjagt?