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Cowboys 2006 first round draft pick is...

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(Promoted from the diaries. Terry has a good post on our first round pick. Get on record in the comments with your own first round analysis.)

By Terry
Posted on Tue Mar 28, 2006 at 10:43:19 PM EST

With the draft one month away, I've narrowed down the Cowboys first selection to 4 players, unless they completely trade out of the first round which is a possibility since they just did it a couple years ago. However, if they at least stay in the first round, I'll put my money on these four:

CHAD JACKSON wr Florida - Our starting wideouts are among the best in the league, but at some point we have to start grooming future replacements. This guy is the protype all teams covet who was very productive against SEC competition. His only negative in my mind is that he's from Florida, but if Larry Johnson can break the Penn State rb jinx, this kid can do the same for Florida wr's. I think he'll be special and hopefully the Cowboys think so too.

KAMERION WIMBLEY lb Florida St. - Everyone talks about our hole at FS, but in my opinion, the hole at SOLB, is much more important. Wimbley's stock has been soaring lately and I wouldn't be surprised to see this kid off the board to Cleveland at 12. Mike Mayock from the NFL Network has called him a poor man's DeMarcus Ware, and he would be ideal to pair with last years top pick to headline a furocious defense for the next several years.

MANNY LAWSON lb NC State - Another former DE turned OLB like Wimbley, this kid is an athletic freak. 6-6, 245, and runs 4.4 40. I think he would be another ideal fit in our 3-4 defense to pair up with Ware. I think he'll be available late in round 1 if we trade down for more picks.

BOBBY CARPENTER lb Ohio St - Probably more polished than Wimbley and Lawson, but not as athletic. This kid really flew under the radar at Ohio St playing next to A.J. Hawk, but he's a really good player in his own right. He's the kind of guy who won't be spectacular, but a solid productive fixture for 10 years. I include him as a possibly also because his dad played for Parcells and we all know the Tuna loves players who grew up with a father who was a coach or player

Now keep in mind the draft is a month away and I reserve the right to change my mind in a few weeks, but right now one of these studs looks to be our guy on April 29.

jacksastud's comments - Que paso Holmes?

I like chad's measurables, but if the boys are grooming a replacement at Wr.... its got to be Santonio. i could go for a combo of holmes/whitner as far as their first two picks. find a way to get a tackle somewhere in those first three picks and i like our offseason. lest we forget that we have added a couple of lb's to go with shanle, fowler, ware, james, singleton, and thorton i believe is even still a project as well. a cover saftey would really help those pass rushers and vice versa. u can never have too many playmakers on offense either in my opinion.

lee3022's comments - Good analysis

The last three seem pretty strong posibilities. I am doubtful that we draft a WR in the 1st day. Here is my reasoning:

1. We are clearly gearing up to win now. With the current team a 1st round WR is expected to play so who sits - Glenn or Owens? I doubt that a rookie would even beat out Crayton if he returns to health.

2. We are still short of depth and starters at LB, safety and OL as well as a DT. The first day needs to select players that can help this year's team.

3. This is a draft much better at these other positions than WR. Maybe next year.

Of course if TE Vernon Davis falls to 18 all bets may be off.