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NFL coach talks about Terrell Owens

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Current Falcon's coach Jim Mora, Jr. was a long-time assistant coach in San Francisco. He spent quite a few years observing Terrell Owens up close. He gives his views about Eldorado in this article in a local Philly paper. Mora is pretty sympathetic to Owens although it's telling that he was not confident Owens and Mike Vick could co-exist. Here are some of the things Mora had to say.

"At times, he's a great teammate. He's a hard practice player. The only guy I've ever been around that practiced harder was Jerry Rice. When we were in San Francisco, it wasn't uncommon to see him hitting the weights at the complex at 11 o'clock on a Thursday night. Always with his shirt off, of course, looking in the mirror. But sometimes, things just come out."

"He was the kind of guy, we'd be up at training camp and he might buy four or five guys - free agents fighting to make the team - big-screen TVs to put in their room to make it more comfortable for them. He might buy them a car. He does all that [charity work] with Alzheimer's [disease]. There are things the guy does that show his compassion for people."

"A quarterback and a wide receiver of that caliber have to be able to coexist," Mora said. "Look at what happened in Philadelphia. When [Donovan McNabb and Owens] were in sync, they were unstoppable. When they went away, it all fell apart for them."

The many sides of Eldorado. Mora also said if they had signed Owens in Atlanta, the first time Owens verbally attacked Mike Vick they would have to restrain Vick from going after him.