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Clueless sports reporters abound

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Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than taking down a reporter who has no clue what they're talking about. For instance, John Allen at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, who argues that Jerry Jones has made another of his stupid deals that keeps this franchise from reaching the top. OK, lots of people argue about some of the deals Jones has done in his tenure. Don't even mention the Joey Galloway for 2 first-round picks to me, I don't need to break anything today. But the deal he's talking about is the Terry Glenn deal.

I'm open to the argument that Terry Glenn may only have a few good years left. So far, we haven't seen a drop-off, but any player whose game is built around speed is a target for Father Time. So signing a 32-year old receiver to a 5-year deal may look like a mistake to someone who's not paying attention. But a decent reporter would have done a little work to see how the deal was constructed. Not John Allen.

For a receiver whose game is built around speed, Glenn is at the top of his career output and looking only to head downhill from this point forward. With two more years left on his contract at about $2 million per season, Glenn was being rewarded equal to his performance. So why double his money and extend the contract beyond the point that his play will earn them money?


That's bad business and one of the reasons the Cowboys will always have troubles building a Super Bowl contender.

Well let's see if I can answer that question. The deal Dallas struck is heavily back-loaded. Glenn's base salary only starts to climb significantly in the year 2010. His base salary through the first four years never tops $2 million, about the same he would've got under the old contract. He received a $2 million bonus as a token of the Cowboys appreciation for his talents and what they hope to get from him over the next couple of years.

But the most important part of the deal is the $5 million roster bonus due next March which can be negotiated into a signing bonus and pro-rated over the final four years. Essentially, the Cowboys have struck the same kind of deal they did with Terrell Owens. The plan is to play this year, decide after the season how TO and TG fit into their future plans and decide whether to pay their bonuses. The Cowboys have forced themselves to evaluate the WR position as a whole after 2006, and decide whether they need to get younger or bring back TO and/or TG. The Cowboys could cut both of them next year without significantly impacting the salary cap.

On both of these deals, I'd say Jerry Jones was very smart about it.