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Big Bill and Little Bill

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(Source: AP Photo/James A. Finley on Yahoo News)

New England Patroits coach Bill Belichick, left, and the Dallas Cowboys head football coach Bill Parcells walk to one of the St. Louis Cardinals practice fields to watch the team's baseball batting practice in Jupiter, Fla., Monday, March 20, 2006. Both coaches are friends of St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa. Parcells and Belichick also watched the Cardinals play the Atlanta Braves.The Braves won, 8-1.

From today's NY Daily News:

Bill Parcells is a no-show again at the league meetings. Last week, the NFL announced all 32 coaches would be present. Parcells, about 90 minutes away at his home in Jupiter, Fla., decided not to make the trip. Well, gas prices are up. More likely, he didn't want to subject himself to Terrell Owens questions. Several people indicated this week that Parcells was not on the same page as Jerry Jones about signing Owens. Parcells didn't fight it, but this was not something he wanted to do, sources say. As far as how much longer Parcells plans to coach, this very well could be his final season, which is why he probably consented to dealing with T.O.

From a Mickey Spags column yesterday:

New England head coach Bill Belicheck, who had been here at the Annual Meetings earlier in the week, left town and was the only one of the 16 AFC coaches not to attend the morning media breakfast on Tuesday. Belichick must be a chip off the old block, since Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, away from The Ranch the previous two weeks, is not here at the meetings and is not expected to attend the media breakfast with NFC coaches on Wednesday.

Two peas in a pod.