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Andy Reid has to answer for Parcells

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Everyone knows why Bill Parcells skipped the media breakfast at the NFL annual meeting. Just ask poor Andy Reid who had to field the Terrell Owens questions.

From a Mickey Spags column:

He knew what was coming this sunny morning at the NFL Annual Meetings when it was the NFC coaches' turn to break omelets with members of the inquiring media. He was the last man to coach Terrell Owens. And the new guy, the guy who has inherited both the talented and at times recalcitrant wide receiver, Bill Parcells, well, he wasn't here at the meetings. And maybe for this reason.

"Where's Parcells when I need him?" Reid cracked, plumping down in his chair and then saying, but knowing better, "No T.O.?"


"The first year was great, good," said Reid... "The second year? No comment.

"I don't look back at it and say I shouldn't have done it."


Reid was asking how he thought Parcells would handle the problem-Thirtysomething, since he also made the earth quake in San Francisco upon departure.

"He'll do fine with him," said Reid, as if he could say anything else. "He'll make it work."

But evidently Reid has kept his wits about him over the matter, basically deadpanning when asked about there being two sides to every story, saying, "I guess I'll find out in July," the projected publishing date for Owens' upcoming book.

And yes, Reid has heard Owens' rap song on the wide receiver's internet site, saying his son played it for him.

"One of my goals was to get my name in a rap song, and I didn't make it," Reid said.

We also wanted to trade for Cleveland Browns S Chris Crocker who ended up with the Falcons.

Jones said the Cowboys still are keeping their eyes open in free agency for a free safety, and did try to make a play for former Cleveland safety Chris Crocker, traded late last week to Atlanta for a fourth-round pick.

"We couldn't get together on consideration," Jones said.