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Larry Allen says a mouthful ... for him

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Over at the there's a headline that reads EXCLUSIVE: Larry Allen speaks out (sub. required). I thought that should be interesting. Larry Allen is the anti-Jerry Jones, while Jones would talk to a group of penguins if there was a camera near by, Allen rarely if ever says anything to the press. So I went over to see what the giant, silent lineman would have to say.

In a pretty long article about Mike Fisher's encounter with Allen in north Dallas gym, here are all of the Allen quotes I found.

"No bitterness,'' grunts Allen ... "But I'll admit, it didn't work out exactly like I would've wanted.''

"The good news is, I'm going home,'' says Allen ... "So it's a new start, but at a (familiar) place.''

"We were calling the Cowboys about 30 minutes before, and then we got the offer from the 49ers,'' Allen says. "San Francisco came right in and picked up my contract. Had to do it. Couldn't say no.''

Larry Allen does his business and heads for home, he has no time for promoting himself our communicating his deepest thoughts to the press. The guy just likes to lift weights and play football. I miss you already Larry, and I hardly knew anything about you.