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Holmgren in Dallas?

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This speculation was just too good, I had to post it. Not that it has any connection to reality, but the idea that Mike Holmgren could replace Bill Parcells when he retires is intriguing.

From FOX Sports:

But the most fascinating result of Holmgren's decision to play out his contract could put him an enviable position. Despite the defeat to Pittsburgh, he remains one of the sport's elite coaches. He could name his price as a GM/head coach. And you can bet the first rumor to surface will have Holmgren headed to Dallas to replace Bill Parcells in 2007 or 2008. And if that doesn't hold water, how about Holmgren heading a potential new franchise in Los Angeles?

What do you mean "the first rumor to surface"? It just surfaced, and you surfaced it! But the article also says Holmgren wants to be a GM again, as well as coach. Sure, I can see that happening in Dallas, Jerry Jones has never been very interested in personnel decisions anyway, so I'm sure he'll give up the GM duties.

Here's a long article about how Jerry agonized over cutting Larry Allen, even going as far as comparing him to a son.

"It was like dealing with Stephen almost," Jones said of his vice president son. "I wanted (Allen) to go out there and really see where (the money) was. I wanted to see where it was. And we found out where it was - about where we were when we let him go. Good for him."

"But it was almost one of those family feelings with him. Not wanting to talk him into, or selling him into - just not having the best thing for him at the end of the day. And I'm not trying to be sanctimonious here, but that was really my feeling about it. There was some of me that thought he might get out there and . . . but I knew when we extended the collective bargaining agreement, we would be in trouble with him."

Now as for Jerry's newest love, it sure sounds like he was thinking of a certain wide receiver when he cast this vote yesterday.


Cowboys | Jones votes against celebration penalty rule
Bob Brookover, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, reports Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of three NFL owners who voted against more restrictive end-zone celebrations for the 2006 season.