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Cowboys news thread

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It appears that columnist/radio host Randy Galloway is going to make a living this year whining about Eldorado. Galloway's standard operating procedure is to pick out one thing he doesn't like about the Cowboys and harp on it all season long. It was the "no franchise QB" argument, now it's Eldorado. I'm not saying he's wrong - on either of those examples - but he starts sounding like a jilted lover; obsessed with  pointing out the faults of the object of his affection.

Today we're treated to an article about Bill Parcells' silence since we signed Owens. Parcells never talks in the offseason anyway, is known to skip whatever he wants when he wants, basically he sets his own agenda. Why is this any different?

The DFW S-T has an article about keeping Brad Sham as our radio guy.

This article is from a local Shreveport paper talking about hosting the Cowboys and the Saints in the preseason.

Want to see the Cowboys season opener? Tickets are available since the Jags are having trouble filling up the stadium.

They have a name for teams like this, the Los Angeles Jaguars.