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LeCharles Bentley denies Philly rumor

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Hold off on that LeCharles Bentley to Philly rumor. Bentley claims that report is not true and wouldn't answer any further questions about his future. One thing's for sure, Bentley isn't playing in the Big Easy next year. Not really what you would term an amicable break-up.

From the Times-Picayune:

Saints center LeCharles Bentley denied Friday a Philadelphia newspaper report that he is planning to sign with the Eagles as soon as free agency begins Monday. But whether he winds up in Philadelphia or not, Bentley will clearly move on after four years with the Saints.


[Bentley] said, "If anyone in that organization has any questions about whether I gave everything I had while I was there, then they can go to hell."

The bad news for the Saints and ex-Cowboys coach Sean Payton is they're losing Bentley, the good news is they got the #2 pick and sales for season-tickets are up.

Owners and players are still talking about the CBA and how to get it done.