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Sunday Bloody Sunday?

Deal or No Deal? We'll find out today. The latest from ESPN can be found here and here.

Nick Eatman at says the Cowboys will be OK either way. I guess Jerry's done a pretty good job managing the salary cap. We could be major players in a market that is flooded with quality free agents.

Sunday Bloody Sunday, indeed!

From the Nick Eatman article:

If a new deal is not reached by Sunday night and another postponement is not called, the Cowboys will head into free agency with nearly $15 million to spend on free agents. Currently, they have about $5 million available to spend, and that's after already budgeting to sign draft picks, restricted and exclusive-rights free agents and even practice squad players.

But the Cowboys will pick up another $9.6 million after restructuring contracts for Jason Ferguson and Marco Rivera if operating under the current CBA.

So while many teams will be scrambling just to get under the cap under the current CBA because of significantly less cap space, the Cowboys would become one of the teams with the most cash to spend, joining the Vikings, Cardinals and Browns.