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Cowboys looking forward to free agency

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Nick Eatman says the Cowboys are ready to pounce in free agency.

But for now, Glover is the only cap-casualty for the Cowboys, who will likely join teams such as Minnesota, Arizona and Cleveland as the potential big spenders during free agency. In fact, the Cowboys have been ready to begin free agency since last week, and there are indications they will start quickly signing players, just as they did last year.

Conventional wisdom has identified some potential targets for the Cowboys, most of them because of Parcells connections or they fit a need position for Dallas.

OT Jason Fabini
FB Jerald Sowell
K Matt Bryant
S Marcus Coleman
OT Tom Ashworth

How about some recent cuts that may interest Dallas?

The Redskins released LB Lavar Arrington. Should Dallas take a look? LB is a position of need.

The Vikings are going to let S Corey Chavous hit the open market. We have a need at safety.

The Jets released C Kevin Mawae who is a Parcells kind of guy, but he's getting old and has had injury problems.

Some of these guys might be intriguing:

WR Antonio Chatman (if Green Bay lets him go)
LB Na'il Diggs (6-4, 240 and young)
DT Maake Kemoeatu
DT Sam Adams

How about LB/DE Willie McGinest if he becomes available?  A proven winner who would bring leadership and ability to the Cowboys defense.

Who do you guys got? Post some free agency targets in the comments section.