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It all hinges on Tuesday's vote

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From ESPN:

At a meeting Tuesday in Dallas, NFL owners will vote to accept or reject a players' union proposal to extend the Collective Bargaining Agreement, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting.

NFL management, led by commissioner Paul Tagliabue called the union an hour before the Sunday midnight deadline to say that they take the proposal to all 32 owners, Mortensen reports. Twenty-four of the 32 owners must OK the deal for it to be ratified.

As far as the deal parameters, here's what we know:

The deal that NFL owners will vote on guarantees that players will receive 59.5 percent of all football revenue over the six-year extension of the CBA, Mortensen reports. That 59.5 percent includes a "cash over cap" limit that addresses the concerns of low revenue clubs about how much teams actually spend on their payrolls in a given year.

The deal also includes the ability to give credits and make adjustments on individual teams' spending on cash over the cap, according to what Upshaw told Mortensen. It is possible that a team that exceeds the spending limit will have their salary cap adjusted the following year by the amount they spend over the cap.