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Dear NFL, you're killing me

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Dear NFL,

Make a decision already!

How many times can you hold a dog biscuit in front of a hungry canine, only to pull it away at the last moment, and not expect to get bit?

I've been waiting for the start of free agency since about five minutes after we lost our last game to the Rams. By now I was expecting to be praising/cursing our newest free agent acquisition. You are toying with my emotions, there's just no other way to put it.

All NFL fans want labor peace, but really, we could care less about the CBA; it's a case of rich people arguing with richer people about how to split up their very lucrative booty. All we want is what we've always wanted; the chance to improve our team. The first stop on that path in the offseason is free agency which you've denied us for the second time in a week.

To add to my bitterness, you cancel our dates with very little notice. This is no way to sustain a relationship, calling at the last second and saying you can't make it, but offering to get together later in the week. Do you think I'll just keep coming back? Do I have no pride or dignity?

Apparently not, so I'll see you on Wednesday night, you lousy, unreliable, promiser of things you can't deliver. And if you cancel out on our Wednesday date, I might just quit you totally. Well, at least for 15 minutes, then I'll ask you if we can get back together and do free agency over next weekend. But that will be the last time, I promise.

Make a decision already!