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OK, I got my computer issues resolved when Dell finally delivered my new machine. It's nice, a laptop with a 17" screen and dual-core processing, but enough of that geek stuff. What's up in the football world? Without the Internet for the past 36 hours or so, I feel lost.

You've guys have probably already read a lot of this stuff but I need to get back in the swing so here goes.

Jerry Jones thinks the league will get a deal done, but he's been optimistic before, so color me skeptical. From the Washington Post article:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said today he believes that NFL team owners will find a way to reach a consensus and resolve the league's labor dispute during a meeting scheduled to begin here later this afternoon.

"My gut is, we can come up with something here that's good for the league that we can go on with," Jones said.

The Cowboys signed wide receivers Terrance Copper and Patrick Crayton to one-year extensions Tuesday.

JJT in the DMN speculates (sub. required)  if it's worth it to keep Larry Allen. Money quote:

His salary far exceeds his production, and at this stage of his career, he no longer has an upside. That, however, doesn't mean the Cowboys will part with him since he's a future Hall of Fame player and Jones would love to see him end his career in a Cowboys uniform. Sadly, that no longer happens with regularity in sports.

Apparently, the Cowboys did something with their radio broadcast rights. Read about it here.