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Is Jerry angling to host the Super Bowl?

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John Clayton has an article up talking about which owners might derail the CBA deal, and you knew our man Jerry was on the list, along with the usual suspects.  But Clayton casually infers that Jones may have multiple deals he's working on with the NFL. From the article:

Tagliabue will need to break two or three of those votes in favor of this deal for it to pass. Snyder might be tough because he loves to spend and doesn't like restraints. Jones will be a tough sell because he's a maverick who isn't afraid of a non-capped NFL. He's also waiting for the union to sign off on more than $80 million of union- and NFL-approved loans for his new stadium construction.

Plus, it wouldn't be bad if an assurance of a Super Bowl in Dallas could be suggested to make things right. The Super Bowl in Houston was considered a success, and there isn't a reason why Dallas couldn't do the same.

Let me say that Clayton offers no real evidence that Jones is using stadium financing or hosting a Super Bowl as leverage in the CBA deal. So this may be a fantasy in Clayton's mind. But Jerry Jones never quits working to help the Cowboys, so he may have just whispered a thing or two in Tag's ear at lunch one day. I guess if he thinks he's going to accept a bad deal, he at least should try to get something out of it.

Anybody else notice - and how could you not - that Jerry Jones is becoming the face of the NFL power base? That guy's mug has been on TV all week, explaining this and spinning that. But here's something I don't get; Jerry Jones doesn't have a poker-face. (Insert face-lift joke here). Sports writer Kevin Sherrington, in one of his columns, put it this way: "In the classic painting Dogs Playing Poker, Jerry's the one whose tail is wagging." Even with no poker-face, Jones is the master of the deal. Jerry Jones could sell ice to Eskimos.

What is his secret to getting what he wants all the time?