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Owners to vote today

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The owners will vote today on the CBA proposal. Paul Tagliabue has gotten personally involved and delivered a passionate speech to the owners to get them to agree to some kind of deal. Read about it here. Read Nick Eatman's take on it here. brings up the possibility of the Cowboys pursuing Lavar Arrington (sub. required), saying several sources have told them the Cowboys are interested. They remain skeptical though - as do I - because Arrington will probably command big money and has some baggage in his past. Here's a quote they attribute to Mike Wilbon.

It could happen. And several published reports have already indicated the Cowboys are indeed interested in talking with Arrington about the possibility.

Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post and ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, suggested as much in his column Tuesday:

A jersey with No. 56 on it may not mean all that much to the Redskins. But my bet is a certain coach named Parcells got a big 'ol Texas smile on his mischievous face when he heard the news that Arrington was a free agent. Oh, No. 56 means something to Coach Parcells, I promise you.